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Longer, Healthier, Happier Lives

Hannah Pet Friends is an independent Pet advocacy group of Hannah Members that want to help more Pets live the healthiest, longest, happiest lives possible in one loving home at an affordable and sustainable cost. Join the discussion and learn more about Pet care option on our Blog at https://hannahpetfriends.blogspot.com/

Help Pets in Portland and Beyond!

Hannah Pet Friends is a Pet Advocacy group that wants to help more Pets and people experience love and joy!  Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook 

Become part of a Pet Lover Society

Hannah Pet Friends share a passion for Pets and enjoy connecting in a variety of ways. Visit our Facebook page to see photos and upcoming events at https://www.facebook.com/HannahPetFriends/

Hannah's Loving Hands engages Hannah Pet Friends in meaningful programs and events. Find out more at www.hannahsociety.com

Drawing to WIN a FREE one hour pet behavior consult with Dr. Tripp at Dr. Tripp's lectures for Science on Tap.

Hannah Pet Friends RSVP to Susan Tripp in advance to get VIP Reserved Front Row Seats for Dr. Tripp's lectures. 

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